MCPCB (Metal Core PCB) are those boards which incorporate a base metal material as heat spreader as an integral part of the circuit board. The metal core usually consists of aluminum alloy. Furthermore MCPCB can take advantage of incorporating a dielectric polymer layer with high thermal conductivity for lower thermal resistance. Separation – Separating the LED drive circuitry from the LED board prevents the heat generated by the driver from raising the LED junction temperature.

Available Range:

  • 96 LED (24 series * 4 PARALLEL)for18W*20W
  • 108 LED (27 series * 4 PARALLEL)for18W*20W
  • 120 LED (24 series * 5 PARALLEL)for 24W
  • 144 LED (24 series * 6 PARALLEL)for 28W
  • Any dimensions as per client requirement
  • Led assembled MCPCB also available with best quality 2835(0.2W) LED